Google Voice to DID to Extension = OK, but if the call ends on IVR = Google Voice voicemail

Oct 22, 2016

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If you are having issues with forwarding your GV number to your Asterisk PBX, this is a good work around to make your system respond.

1) My Google Voice account is set to forward to my PBX.

2) You should disable the Forward to Google Talk, as well as call screening.

3) Create the main extension that calls the Time condition or IVR: Extension > Add Extension > Generic > User Extension: “1000” – Display Name “Switchboard”. Ring Time 1. At the bottom, all three destinations are set to “TC” or “IVR” of choice.

4) Create an extension for the Google workaround: Extension > Add Extension > None (Virtual Exten) > User Extension: “3000” – Display Name: “What you want it to say”.

5) Add “Follow Me Settings” to extension 3000 and here’s the tricky part (other settings didn’t work for my for this does):
– Follow-Me List: 1000 (the extension created above for my IVR);
– Announcement: none;
– Play music on hold: ring;
– Destination if no answer: Extension 1000.

6)Incoming Route: Set Destination > Extension “3000”.

I hope that works for you. Let me know if you have any questions.



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