Information Technology Services

Can you answer following questions: What is my current technology costing me? How can technology increase my profits? Is my staff working at full capacity? Can my business run more efficiently?

Campbell Consulting Group LLC can help you answer these questions, and more! Our technology and business analysis, can assist in determining the best course of action for your business by examining the these areas:

* Compliance and security audits
* Cyber Security
* Disaster recovery preparedness
* I.T. Systems
* Network Infrastructure
* Managed services and maintenance
* Software application and web development
* System design and implementation
* Virtualization of hardware – VMware / Hyper-V
* Voice Services

Network security and security in general is more important today than it has ever been for your digital information. You need to secure and protect your data from those that are actively looking to hold you for ransom and or exploit your data and intellectual property (IP). Campbell Consulting Group uses a layered security model to protect your information from hackers and anyone that does not have a need to access your data.

Having a network is now a requirement and critical in the business world, that is why your network needs to be reliable and secure. If you need to connect to the internet then you can be at risk. Internet scams and identity theft go hand in hand, the internet is not a friendly place, it is like the wild wild west before heavy regulation was cast upon it ( I digress here to make a point, we do not advocate for regulation of the internet). There are ways to protect yourself from the those who may want to get at your information. As a proven provider of Information Technology services and solutions since 2006, Campbell Consulting Group can design a new business network or upgrade your existing one to ensuring your information is safe from hackers and thieves on the internet. Additionally, Campbell Consulting Group will keep your companies network manageable, secure for remote connectivity, redundant if necessary, and that proper work flow of the network is optimized. Contact us to learn more about our effective and efficient network and computer services.

Managed Services and Maintenance
Campbell Consulting Group offers Managed Services that provide our clients with server and network support for a monthly fee that can be tailored for your business. Our proactive network monitoring system detects network, system, and application failures and notifies our system administrators and you in real time by email or SMS in the event of an issue. Once our system administrators are notified they can take corrective action and begin the process to restore services. Learn more.
Like any mechanical piece of equipment, routine maintenance is no different for computer systems. Computers require maintenance, upgrades, and troubleshooting from time to time for unforeseen issues. Campbell Consulting Group offers Information Technology service in two venues, remote support or on-site at your place of business. You have a committed partner that you can trust to optimize a support plan for success. Call us today to learn more.

System Design and Implementation
System design begins with the customer and their specific needs. Selecting the right computer systems or application for your business is a challenging task. Campbell Consulting Group can make planning, designing and implementing a new system by helping you identify the best technology, equipment, configuration, internet connectivity, email integration, customization, and security that will meet your end-to-end business requirements. Talk to an account representative today to learn more.

In general, computers were designed to run one operating system at a time, but with the enhancements of new hardware architecture under utilization is a thing of the past. VMWare virtualization allows you to run multiple virtual machines on a single physical machine, with each one sharing the resources of one physical computer. Because of virtualization different virtual machines can run different operating systems and multiple applications on a single piece of physical computer.
A VMware virtualization platform allows system administrators to deliver resources, application, and servers, when and where needed. VMware can save clients 50-70% on their overall Information Technology costs by consolidating resources and delivering highly available hardware with VMware vSphere. Learn more.

Disaster Recovery
Data loss is the most costly and devastating business experience. Data loss or a core application failure can damage productivity and ruin business credibility and reputation. Campbell Consulting Group will help you mitigate the risk of data loss by implementing a disaster recovery plan based on proven and cost effective backup and data storage procedures. If an unfortunate disastrous Information Technology event should occur, we have highly skilled technicians which can help restore your system and recover valuable data to the best extent possible. Do not get get caught without identifying your single points of failure and implementing a disaster recovery plan. Contact a Campbell Consulting Group consultant today to learn more.

Software development for the web and beyond
Campbell Consulting Group partners with professionals who can deliver updates and custom software development solutions to benefit your business. We use the latest technologies for your project no matter how big or small it may be. Some systems we have developed include custom registration forms for internet service providers, custom content management systems, online transaction and billing systems, project management, and custom web portals for end users in an effort to deliver a quality product to our customers.


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