Revenue Cycle Management

We have a unique approach to the Revenue Cycle that focuses on the three most important things to a provider’s revenue integrity:

Eliminate claim denials: We work to reduce claim denials as close to zero as possible, this is done by studying the providers internal system and rescripting changes that eliminate any mistakes that are occurring within the practice as well as researching and correcting issues that originate from insurances after they receive a claim. Our vast experience in dealing with claim denials gives us insight into understanding the cause of false denials from insurances, we find the issues and work with the insurances to correct it on their end to avoid denials in the future.

Eliminate A/R: The cause of A/R is claim denials and unpaid patient balances, and in order to get denied claims paid and gently encourage patients to address their outstanding balances, we create a recovery system that gets both of these A/R balances paid as quickly as possible so as to avoid timely filing and collections issues. We reduce insurance A/R as close to zero as possible for anything over 30 days, and patient A/R for anything over 60 days.

Maximize provider revenue: Once we get denials and A/R as close to zero as possible the revenue begins to increase to near maximum reimbursement levels in real time. The key to maximizing revenue is the creation of systems that address both new claims and denied claims, with the systematic purpose of eliminating denials entirely.


Eliminate Claim Denials

Eliminate A/R

Maximize Revenue

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