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  1. Is there a shortage of women in the tech field?

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    I came across this Bloomberg Article and it made me question why are women not drawn to the tech field in general although this article is specifically speaking about the AI sector does this hold true to other tech sectors. Being a father of three girls who, despite being a techie myself, are not interested in the inner workings of technology. They would rather use it than know how it works. This is an interesting challenge for the world of tech science. Is this how an industry is created and becomes dominated by men, because we are naturally drawn to technology. Was there a conscious decision made when the tech industry started that said “no women allowed”, it may have evolved that way, am I being ignorant to the facts?

    Th reality of the situation is when hiring for a technology position, out of the myriad of resumes submitted, very few are women. We may be seeing how our society is evolving with a look at what is happening in the AI sector when it comes to machine learning. The question should be why women are not drawn to a technology field? Technology being a vague term, there is most likely tech sectors in which women are drawn to. Is there something the industry can do to peak the interest of women. Does the technology  industry need a diverse allocation of individuals in order to  advance? I would like to hear from the women out there as to why they decided to join the tech field or maybe why they did not?